Palanjal kam! [CO-CREATE]

Lumah Ma Dilaut center for living traditions


The Sinama-speaking ethnic groupings of Sulu, Basilan and Tawitawi are living together in harmony, enjoining social justice and equity, as one Bangsa Sama or Pehak Sama united by common primordial ties, speaking one Sinama language and sharing a heritage enriched by the cultural diversity and uniqueness of each ethnic tribe. That the united Sama ethnic family is proud of this identity, fully exercising its rights with dignity, and is freely practicing and perpetuating this identity in their day-to-day social existence and in their individual lives, as integral part of and inalienable as their basic economic, social, cultural and human rights.

Mission and Goals:

  • Lumah Ma Dilaut is a cultural revival through the media and the arts and through popular education preserving and promoting the indigenous knowledge, skills, practices, systems and innovations of the Sinama-speaking ethnic family, as a whole, and, specifically, of the Sama Dilaut ethnic group.
  • Lumah Ma Dilaut promotes environmental consciousness, inter-generational equity and the indigenous people’s right to live  by engaging in research-based and grassroots-led advocacy for the Sama Dilaut’s ancestral domain claim and for the protection of Basilan, Sulu and Tawitawi sea basin as world’s fish sanctuary and ecological zone of biodiversity, within a larger mission towards lasting peace and meaningful development in Mindanao and Sulu.
  • Lumah Ma Dilaut institutionalizes the indigenous socio-cultural systems that protect and perpetuate the folk’s knowledge, skills, practices, systems and innovations from generation to generation by seeking the active and direct involvement of the family and the clan in the values formation of the ondeh-lahat (community’s younglings) and by affirming the roles of extant indigenous social structures such as the Botang Matto’a (council of elders) and Kok Kaw’m (community trustees) in the community’s socio-cultural reinvigoration.

ôSanctuary to Sama Dilaut beggar communities in lahat saddi (migrant lands) by temporarily sheltering the beggars and/or through referrals to other NGOs and service providers in the transient communities.

ôMother-and-daughter mat-weaving Skills Transfer and iskul-iskul ma reoh so’man or early childhood development for Sama Dilaut children and counseling for early teeners.

ôPara-legal and emergency relief assistance to communities in the midst of conflict.

Research, Data-banking and Advocacy for Sama Dilaut ancestral domain claim and for the protection of Basilan-Sulu-Tawitawi sea basin as world’s fish sanctuary and ecological niche of biodiversity

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